Short Bob Hairstyles: Kick Your Year Off With a New Look

We always enjoy making New Years resolutions, but why not make one you can stick to. Make this year your year to try a new do. With a trend toward shorter styles and particularly bob hairstyles could prove to be the year you find a new look, so lets see what new short hairstyles has to offer.

Red Robin

One of the most seductive new short bob styles is the Red Robin. This style brings back sleek and chic with a layered look that tapers along the outer edges. There are no bangs in this attractive style, and to top off the edginess of the look, you put in red or auburn highlights. Styling this bob is a matter of combing the bulk of the hair to one side of your face, then brush while you blow dry it. The key to the chic feel is to get the ends to curl up a bit under the face.

Creamsicle Hair

This really “cool” style falls about shoulder length and half of the eye and cheek on one side of your face. Think 1960s teeny bopper and you’ll have the idea. The bangs are long in this style, but they are tucked under the mass of hair set to one side of the face. The ends of your hair should be curved up under the face to make the whole style look like one long wave. Complete the look with a creamy light brown highlighted with streaks of blonde.

Style the Creamsicle by combing while your hair is still wet and make the part to one side. Blow dry while brushing to add body while tucking your bangs under. You can use a flat iron to add the swoop under the face.

These are just two of the bob hairstyles trends have to offer. Experiment and come up with your own style. Be the you that you want to be.

Short Bob Hairstyles Short Bob Hairstyles Short Bob Hairstyles