Tim Lincecum New Haircut 2013

Giants fans are gathering around in awe this season, and its not only because of their superb playing these last few years. No, this time is much different- and by the looks of Tim Lincecum’s new look, it is no wonder why.

What can Giants fans expect this year from Mr. Lincecum? Well, besides his incredible playing and outstanding record that will continue to follow through this upcoming season, fans will also get to enjoy an all new and improved look. That’s right, Tim Lincecum has completely cut off his trademark long locks for a look that is very handsome and all grown up. This short haircut really features a more mature Lincecum, and it might just help with his baseball playing as well. As I’m sure you could imagine, those long locks must have been hard to play around!

Although it may be hard to recognize Mr. Lincecum while he is out on the field with this new look, there is no doubt that you will love the way this new, shorter cut frames his face. Appearing as a sophisticated man, this Lincecum haircut extravaganza is sure to pay off in the long run as everyone falls in love with the new style.

Tim Lincecum New Haircut 2013

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