Short Hair Updos: You May Have More Options Than You Think

You may think that because you decided to go with a shorter haircut this year that your options are limited. But there are several options for short hair updos if you just use a little creativity. Like with any other length, hair updos largely depend on how you style them and which products you use. Here are some ideas that can make your short hair stand out and look great.

The first thing is that you can fool everyone into thinking that your hair is actually longer than it is. If you have hair down to your shoulders, and sometimes even a little shorter, you can pull your hair up and back and pin it behind. Of course you won’t be able to make a real pony tail, but you can create the illusion by pinning smaller sections of hair together in roughly the same general area. Viola! A hair style usually reserved for ladies with longer hair!

Another great option for updos short haired women can look to is to try using one of the many hair pieces that are available for us to add dimension to our mops. You can pin a faux pony tail to the back of your hair or you can go all out and add braids. Find a close match in color if you are trying to fool your friends. But if you don’t care about that, go wild and grab some fake hair in a completely different color. The sky is the limit with what you can do with these.

Of course you can use product to give you a different look, and this is especially effective for easy hair updos. A good gel will give you an attractive sleek look that is all the fashion on the runways this year. You should also consider adding some shine product. And just because your hair is shorter, don’t think you can’t roll it. Break out your curling iron and you can get that same curl going for you.

So don’t shy away from the short hair. Take a look at celebrity short hair styles to see that the style is definitely in fashion if you know how to rock it.