Michael Kors Women’s Watches 2022

Watches are more than about keeping us on time. Come on, that’s what we have our mobile phones for, right? No, we wear our watches to make a statement about what kind of women we are, how we feel. Watches are an accessory, a piece of jewelry that accents the style we are wearing that day. Nobody knows this better than Michael Kors. Kors womens watches are some of the finest styles anywhere, and here are a few of his offerings for 2013:

The Michael Kors Bradshaw will brighten your eyes with its golden finish and you won’t be able to wait to put it on. The stainless steel exterior houses a brushed gold dial and the watch has a beautiful twenty millimeter bracelet strap that will go well with your gold jewelry collection.

Another tasty morsel that makes Kors the king of womens watches is the Mid-Size Rose Golden Darci Three-Hand which is part of Kors’ Glitz line. Another stainless steel face and strap selection, this one features a light rose-pink finish that gives the watch a dainty classic look. The classy open face is encircled by a double row of crystal insets. Oh! You won’t be able to resist!

Next up is another from the Glitz collection, and boy this one lives up to the name. The Rose Golden Stainless Steel Parker has a similar rosy pink finish as the Darci, but this one is covered with the crystals. The bracelet strap, perimeter ring, and the numbers on the face are covered with these little shiny bits of flashy goodness. The face also features three smaller dials to serve as a timer, and a date window. You will definitely draw attention with this baby.

These are just a few of the many beautiful and exquisite offerings Kors has to offer. They come in stainless steel, gold, silver and leather-strap lines. You’ll be in hog heaven trying to decide which one of these fashionable timepieces will represent you this year, and you may not be able to choose just one. It won’t take long to realize why Michael Kors watches are THE name in ladies watches.