Short Hairstyles for Black Women

One of the best looks of the season is a short haircut for black women. There are new adjustments on black women short hair styles. Here are a few tips to suit the needs of today. We call them “flip” and “pixie”. There are some instructions to get a totally new style that will not make you look like your mother or grandmother in the book from their childhood.

The flip is one of the most classic short hair styles for black women from the 50s and 60s that is totally trendy. Women with fine, straight hair have the opinion that the short and abrupt layers of the “flip” give more volume to the model. The “flip” is one of the most popular short hair styles for black women, because it can be styled in several ways and it can provide you multiple looks. For a mild and sexy look, use a spray gel before drying and dry the hair until it is 70-80% dry. Continue drying your hair using the hair dryer and a small roller. This is the characteristic feature of the “flip”. The narrower the shaft of the brush is round, the rounder the curled ends will point to the outside.

A creative way to include this hairstyle is to use hair accessories. The upper part of the hair on both sides can be moved backwards and fixed by put them behind the ears decorated with combs and clips or hair plugs. This gives a funny contrast, a slim and elegant top, in total harmony with a funny and outward curled bottom. But you can also get short hair more texture and volume that will give you a postmodern or punk rocker look. Turn little hair around curlers and put them with solid plugs and dry the hair with a diffuser to get a nice structure.

The “pixie” is another favorite of the new short hair styles. The “pixie” was copied by women worldwide after it was known by the super slim fashion model “Twiggy” in the 60s. New, vibrant variations on the look were seen on many female celebrities on the red carpet. To this new short hairstyle, the hair on the top looks little longer, while the middle part thinned in irregular layers. The lower layers of the hair should be short and close to the head. It is very easy to make this short hair style for black women to dry. Just use your hands and a hair dryer, and if necessary, use a straightening iron to each section.

Photos via Goodsalonguide & Viphairstyles