Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Select the suitable short hairstyles for round faces that emphasize the pluses of your face, you can be as simple as counting to three, but it is important to take care of some special facial proportions. It is of course clear that the precise rules and definitions exist, there is a great maneuverability and a lot depends on personal hairstyle and approach, and also on what you will enjoy looking in the mirror. Even so here are some guidelines on which you can decide your haircuts when choosing short hairstyle for round face. If you have a round face shape, which is basically a broad face, it should be your goal to narrow it and narrow in terms of width. In this case geometry plays an important role. If your face is round, it follows that there is also wide. If we are to achieve equilibrium geometry, it is clear that the choice of short hairstyle is necessary to focus on the bottleneck, as it was indeed mentioned above. In a way, we are interested in creating a kind of geometric illusion.

To achieve this deception, it is necessary to avoid any short hairstyle that stretch the face to the side and add it to the width. So between haircuts, there are some important things which should be avoided, regardless of how amazing they look in a fashion magazine:

First: Hairstyles with great ofinka extending over a large portion of the forehead.

Second: Any cut that concentrates large number of hair at the sides.

Third: Hairstyles with big curls on the sides of the face.

In short, we can say that it is necessary to avoid any cut, which adds to the width of the face and shortens the length of the face. For example, we should avoid short ofinka.

It is necessary to add to the height of the face, stretch it, instead of narrowing. If this occurs, the face will look great and that’s exactly what we want.

It is recommended that you consider the following cuts:

First: Any cut, where the hair on the sides is flat.

Second: It is necessary to comb the hair evenly on both sides.

Third: If you want ofinka, be sure to wear behind the ears, it reveals your forehead, which is very positive.

Once your hairstyle is aligning geometric imbalance in the face, you know the difference immediately just as others know it. It is a simple geometric illusion, but one that works every time and everywhere.

Photos via Goodsalonguide