Short Hairstyles for Men

Fashion for men’s hairstyles in the 2013 season has been changing as rapidly as in the female. As we all know, all the hairstyles can be divided into three areas – this hairstyle for short hair, hairstyles for medium length hair and hairstyles for long hair. The 2013 season is in favor of male short haircut. So, most men are preferring haircuts despite of trends. Masculinity, sports, business, uncomplicated shapes and minimal hair care – are the main criteria for the selection of short hairstyles. By elegant hairstyles for short length hair, men often are treated with caution: it does not allow the characteristics of hair, the shape of cutting seems frivolous, and the time for everyday hair care is sometimes simply not enough. Nevertheless, one must note the great variety in the choice of hairstyles for short length such as discreet and classic retro style, romanticism and eccentricity for the young, vibrant attributes of the new trends etc.

Style of modern and successful businessman

It involved short and unobtrusive haircut laying on side bangs. It requires minimum haircut cost and minimum hair caring product cost – that’s why it is appropriate for everyday businessman. The main criterion for such men is accuracy, restraint and courage.

Style of a professional who works in the creative sector

As a rule, people related to such trades often have to attend various events, which need to be looked different for the most part. This short hairstyle may also include butch on back and sides and slightly elongated bangs, which can be installed in different ways depending on the situation. You can make three hairstyles – loose bangs, slightly tousled bangs with styling products and lick bangs on back and to the side.

Asymmetrical haircuts for men with bangs

This short asymmetrical haircut with bangs looked effectively for the overhanging face. Talk to the hair stylist about how to shape bangs for laying and how long to leave it to make it comfortable in your daily life. Theme stylish asymmetrical haircuts are supported as a short cut with scythe short bangs. This haircut remains perfect for very thin, elongated and oval persons. Lines of such haircut should be graphically accurate.

The classic short bob

The classic short bob may be stayed at ear level or slightly below. This fashion trend creates confident and charm in glamorous women. Haircut looks especially well on thin young men, those who have dense and thick hair.

Photos via Goodsalonguide