Veronika Maine Summer Fashion-2011

Veronika Maine Summer Fashion-2011.Veronika Maine is Australian designer .The Veronika Maine vision is to experiment and explore current trends to ensure our unique design philosophy continues. Veronika Maine invites women of today to join us on the journey to inspire and create an individual take on fashion for tomorrow.A strong design ethic and innovative energy has been combined to create a modern approach to dressing. Veronika Maine aims to offer a unique aesthetic that remains both elegant and wearable. Veronika Maine having stores now located in 16 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Taking a look in any of these retail shopfronts will further express the vision of the label, which aims to capture the ultimate in shopping experience and the Veronika Maine design philosophy. Veronika Maine summer collection 2011..dresses,skirts,maxi dresses,blouses and pants ..(Source : Veronika Maine ).