Sharon A Williams Jewelry

Sharon A Williams jewelry pieces ..SAW is the nomenclature Sharon give to her creations. Sharon A. Williams design and hand make one of a kind pieces of jewelry, all of which are unique in appearance and texture. They are a labor of love and expression; a reflection of the soul. sharon a williams create her jewelry from what she envision rather than following particular styles and trends.Sharon A Williams  worldwide travels enable me to acquire innumerable treasures of antiquity and vintage heritage, as well as new items which result in the creation of wearable art pieces.Sharon A.Williams design a kind pieces of jewelry: Here we have , Antique Tibetan silver and amber reversible pendant, vintage Tibetan amber and silver beads, antique Tuareg silver beads with Nepalese silver cones and silver ,Vintage Peking blue glass beads, vintage Austrian clear and green crystal beads, vintage Austrian blue/green crystal beads with vintage clasp set.,Chinese turquoise beads, Navajo hand-stamped beads, silver beads, silver tops for earrings with silver clasp set. Necklace – 19″ long. Earrings – 2″ long., Antique Baltic amber beads, Spanish aragonite beads, antique Nigerian silver beads with Nepalese silver cones and silver clasp.Vintage Peking red glass beads, vintage Czech red glass beads, vintage Czech black crystal beads with vintage ,Vintage Czech clear crystal beads, vintage Austrian hand blown green melon glass beads, antique hand blown green glass beads with silver clasps set. , Vintage white-heart trade beads, antique American turquoise beads, silver beads with silver, Nepalese cones and silver clasp.,Vintage black and clear Czech and Austrian crystal beads with vintage clasp set.presenting with confidence the leaders of the new collection , created for girls like her, who like to change styles all the time: in addition to jeans for all occasions Elegant sheath dresses, longuette wheel and clothes for the evening, dedicated to the most romantic, the furs to wear with studs and accessories rock, for the most daring, but also classic coats in double-breasted.

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