What’s Trendy In Kids Fashion For Spring Summer 2022

Kids’ fashion always parallels adult fashion of course in such a playful way that makes kids feel comfortable however will also make them look cute and classy in the same time. There are a lot of kids clothes online store like Shein kids, fashion nova kids and Zara kids that present of course some key trends and colors which are especially trendy. In our article we would like to represent you what’s trendy in kids fashion for spring summer 2020.

Colors all over the place

This spring summer 2020 there’s a huge emphasis on colors and this also translates in kids’ fashion trends for sure. The top colors will be bright, such as orange that suits well for girls and boys alike. Naturally pink will stay present in girls’ dresses while blue will stay as one of the top popular colors for kids. Naturally all these colors can be varied, such as orange blue which suits especially well for boys’ attires.

Purple Shades Kids Clothes

We all know purple is a color which however neutral it is, it rather translates well for women’s fashion. As purple was chosen to be one of the leading colors in this spring summer women’s collection, this also translates to girls’ trends. Shades of purple will be present in this years’ collection and frankly, it looks fantastic, alluring and can really make any attire look classy.

Navy and Stripes

Navy style has its renaissance always around spring summer time and this doesn’t change this year too. Navy style, navy blue and the stripes will be really in for kids’ fashion clothes for spring summer 2020 and this is a very attractive choice which can be worn for virtually any occasions.

Baseball and Football Shirts

Baseball style has been really in since last summer and as we can see, it’s a trend to stay. Baseball shirts will stay big in kids fashion design also this year and this is a fancy choice which looks great for both girls’ and boys’ attire. The same goes for regular football –style shirts. Another great advantage of this style is that thanks to its bright colors and big numbers it makes our kids easy to recognize in the playground or from afar.

Sporty – Kids Fashion Boys

Sporty style is always in for kids’ and this is a very practical choice for all free time activities as it’s really an easy to wear, easy to wash type of attire which you can get to buy practically anywhere. Sportswear has always been in style especially for boys and as said above for baseball and football style wear this is one of the best choices today which looks really cool especially when paired up with a trendy hoodie.

Flower power – Kids Fashion Girls

As flowers are really in for women this spring summer, this of course translated to girls’ fashion too and you can get to see lots of cute girls’ dresses with all sorts of flowers on them featured in every color, shape and size. Flowery shirts and flowery trousers will be also wide available for spring summer 2020.

So, these will be the main kids’ clothing trends for the spring summer of 2020. Of course, we failed to mention the classics, which are the printed t-shirts, the Angry Birds and Walt Disney T-shirts which can always change, depending on the actual cartoon and game trends. So, make your kids’ wardrobes colorful and trendy to prepare for this spring summer well on time.

In the photos below you will find some of beautiful kids clothes collection that include Manila Grace Girl Spring Summer 2020 that presented during Pitti Bimbo 89, dolce and gabbana kids collection and more!