Jessica Simpson Hairstyles | Don’t Mess with Perfection

Thanks to her signature blonde locks, Jessica Simpson stands out in a crowd. With her glowing beach- girl tan and shiny golden tresses, it’s easy to see why this reality show star attracts so much attention. Think Cinderella meets Rapunzel and you’ve got Jessica.

She’s changed her look off and on over the years, but extreme hair has never been her calling card. While some celebs– say Miley Cyrus or Brittany Spears, routinely startle their fans with wild and crazy do’s, Jessica prefers a simple, more natural look. But no matter what the style, for someone with a high profile image like Simpson, a good stylist is essential

In 2010 Jessica broke it off with her Mane Man, stylist Ken Paves. The two had a falling out and have never fallen back in, so there’s a new face in Jessica’s mirror. This gifted stylist is an auburn-haired beauty whom Jessica refers to as her new BFF.

Simpson’s hairstyles range from perm/curly, to shagged and streaked, but her hair looks just as gorgeous in a simple straight cut. She wears it long, and rarely goes shorter than shoulder length, but there are a few photos of a short curled bob that she sported for an evening or two.

Jessica Simpson haircut also fond of up do’s when the occasion arises and since  she’s a frequent presence at award shows, charity gala’s and other Hollywood-esque events, the occasion arises quite often. Her formal hair styles are sleek and elegant, with hair swept away from the face – the better to show off those sparkly earrings and other baubles Jessica so familiar with.

When vying for superstar status in the media circles, it never hurts to be blessed with natural beauty. That said, Jessica was definitely at the front of the line when they were handing out good looks. She radiates a healthy country girl glow, in casual jeans and t-shirts, but when she breaks out the evening gowns and up do’s, look out. Glam- Jessica is a stunner.