Zip HydroTap Water Filter Reviews

Zip HydroTap gives you great-tasting instant boiling and chilled filterd water at home. 60 Boiling cups and 85 Chilled glasses per hour – and there’s even more great features with the award-winning 4th generation Zip HydroTap.
Zip HydroTap Instant Boiling Water treat yourself to a new way of life. Zip HydroTap, boiling and chilled filtered water instantly. The world’s newest kitchen sensation . Perfect for entertaining, great for cooking.

  • Time saving:
  1. Save 4-6 minutes every time you need a hot drink.
  2. Save up to 10 minutes when cooking.
  3. Increase office ( or home office) efficiency.
  • Convenient:
  1. Great for entertaining. Tea, coffee, cool drinks (even soup) in an instant. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • Environmental:
  1. Air (not water) cooling system.
  2. Never buy plastic bottled water again.
  3. No need to “run the tap” for hot or cold water.
  • Energy efficient:
  1. “Sleep Mode” automatically engages when idle.
  2. Shuts down after hours & on weekends.
  3. “Power-Pulse” technology for learn operation.
  • Safe:
  1. Child safely lock for peace of mind.
  2. Sensor probe auto-shutdown in case of leaks.
  3. Filters Giardia and other water-borne particles.

For more info how Zip HydroTap is so simple to operate visti Zip HydroTap

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