Best Women’s Sandals 2022: All Types of Sandals for Women

Summer is just around the corner, and that means you can finally show off your pedicure and your beautifully bronzed legs! If you’ve been waiting for months for sandal season to roll around, now’s start browsing all of our women’s sandals styles.

Nothing says summer like a cute pair of strappy sandals paired with a flirty sundress or cropped shorts. Our selection includes everything from classic black and white ankle strap sandals to jewel-encrusted flip-flops perfect for beach holidays. Whatever your look, we have the right pair of women’s shoes for you.

Women's Suede Flat Sandals

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Step into the New Season with Women’s Summer Sandals

When building your wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons, you don’t want to overlook functionality. The right shoes will keep you comfortable while also complementing your look.

ALDO Wedge Sandals - Wedge Heels

When choosing a pair of slides, it is essential to consider the weather. Since they are open-toed shoes, they’re best suited for warmer climates. Opt for a classic look with black slides, or add some floral appeal to your summer look with our printed designs.

Comfortable Yet Stylish Finish to any Summer Outfit

When we’re looking for shoes to wear in the summer months, comfort usually prioritizes stylishness. There’s something to be said for a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals, but they can be hard to find in our affordable and fashionable items.

And when it comes down to it, comfort is all that matters anyway—you don’t want to sacrifice style because you’re too uncomfortable trying on a pair of shoes! Luckily, you already know that Aldo has access to the best styles worldwide.

You can browse through our entire collection at any time without seeing any duplicates or copies. Plus, every pair of sandals we sell is not only stylish but durable as well! You can count on your whole collection lasting throughout the summer and beyond.

Piesanto Green Suede Sandal

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Women’s CHACO Chillos Flips Sandals

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Womens Strappy Sandals Canada Spring Shoes


High Heels

Need a little boost in height? High heels can add inches and are a classic shoe style that will never go out of fashion.

Glossy Black High Heels Sandals

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If you want to give your look some extra finesse and sex appeal, high heels will help you achieve both. While flats are generally more comfortable than high heels, they’re also more casual.

Women's Platform Summer Gold Sandals

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If you’re going for formal or sophisticated, consider slipping on a pair of kitten-heeled pumps instead of ballet flats for the office.


Wedges are a comfortable alternative to high heels. They’re featured on casual and dressy shoes alike and can be made from wood, cork or foam. They come in all kinds of sizes, from low to high.

TEVA Flatform Gladiator Sandal

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They add inches of height without the discomfort of wearing stilettos! Wedges are versatile enough to look great with everything from formalwear to jeans and a t-shirt.

LazySeal Buckle Design Summer Women Sandals - Platform Sandals

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Slip Ons

A slip-on shoe is a style of footwear that has no fasteners and can easily be slipped on and off the foot. This type of shoe usually has an opening at the heel, which allows it to be put on without using your hands. You slip your feet through this opening and step on the back to secure them in place to wear the shoes.

Women’s slide sandals from Shade & Shore

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Slip-Ons are convenient for those who prefer not to tie shoelaces or adjust straps every time they put their shoes on or take them off. The slip-on design also makes it easy to slide your feet into your shoes if you can’t or don’t want to bend down (for example, wearing a dress).

These shoes for women are comfortable because they keep your feet from feeling constrained by tight laces or straps, which could cut off circulation and cause corns and blisters. They often have padded soles for added comfort when walking around all day.

Slip-Ons aren’t as secure as other types of footwear: there’s no way to tighten them around your ankle except by pushing harder with your feet until they feel snug enough—and even then, they might not be tight; enough!

You should avoid wearing these shoes while running or walking long distances because they won’t stay securely in place during strenuous activities like these.

Low Heels

Workthemetal Gingham Sandals Pink Blue

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A low heel is any shoe with a heel height of two inches or more minor and is typically defined by its comfort. Those who want a more elevated look while maintaining the ability to wear their heels all day (and into the night) should consider a pair of low heels, which you can wear with everything from jeans to work attire.

Women's Leather Sandals

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Open Toe

Popular in warmer weather, open-toed shoes are perfect for comfort and style. An open toe is a style of shoe that has an opening at the front, exposing the toes. Available in many different silhouettes and colors, this type of footwear is slightly more casual than closed-toed shoes and can be worn with almost any outfit, from jeans to dresses.

The popularity of open-toe shoes is undeniable. Most major shoe brands have some version of this design: pumps, mules, sandals—you name it!

This season’s must-have styles are easy to find with the right amount of research (or simply by scrolling our website—it’s full of attractive options).

Sandals and Slides

Casual Sandals for women are shoes that expose the toes and feet, leaving them feeling relaxed and unrestricted during the summer.

Women’s Sandals come in various materials, including leather and rubber, but they’re most commonly available in transparent plastic.

Cute Sandals for women can be casual or formal. They’re a popular choice for footwear in the summer because they’re comfortable and easy to put on, making them ideal for when you’re spending time outside on hot days.

Zulily Women’s Double Buckle Sandals

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Their portability also makes them great for traveling when you’re packing light or want to save space in your suitcase and don’t take up much space!

Women’s Flat Sandals Popular Spring and Summer Fashion

As a fashion consultant, I often talk with people who want to know about shoes’ latest styles and trends. A trendy spring and summer fashion is flat sandals because it is warm outside.

Pretty Ipanema Sandals

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There are many different types of sandals in every style you can imagine. Sandals come in many colors and other materials like leather, rubber, or plastic.

These open-toed shoes, worn on both feet, usually have a strap between your toes and around the ankle or heel.

If you’re looking for an easy choice to wear in the warmer summer months, sandals are definitely the way to go!

Ascentfootwear Groove Silver Sandal

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