Women’s Fashion Trends 2022

Fashion trends come and go and either the actual trend is a travel back in time or when it represents a more futuristic image, we personally prefer to keep up with it up to a certain standard. When it comes to fashion, us fashionistas know all well that not all trends are born to be worn out on the streets. Therefore, this time we would like to provide you with an insight to the actually wearable women’s fashion trends.

Before we get started let’s add that today, you can really wear anything you want to and can still look trendy, especially when we use some up to date accessories to revamp them.

Springtime Pastels

We know all well, that pastels arrive with the spring and this year pastels will be really in for the spring, no matter blue, pink, turquoise, purple, lilac or any other shades. The latest collections are already out in the stores, so check them out and opt for the color that doesn’t make you too pale, as some shades have this tendency.


Orange will really be in this spring, so we definitely suggest you to choose the shade which fits you the best. This color will definitely give a boost for your outlook. If you are not ready to invest in any orange garments, make up for it with a couple of small and stylish accessories. Orange goes especially well with practically all shades of blue, white, yellow and even light pink.

The Geometric Style Keeps on Rocking

Remember past year’s Sixties’ madness? Well, it’s still going on; however it’s been revitalized with modern tailoring. You can now get to find lots of outfits in the stores that feature single or double lines, thick or thin stripes and other geometrical prints to create a real artistic outlook. The trick of wearing outfits with patterns is, to tone them down with something bold.

Purple Rain

Purple is really back with a bang, both in terms of fashion and interior design. Purple is a really special color because it is one of the richest in shades. You will easily get to find the shade   closest to your taste however take care, because some purple shades do have the tendency to make someone look pale.

Bold and Sporty

The sporty style of the Eighties still rocks and today, even the biggest sport garment producing companies are coming out with urban-style designs. Our tip is not to overdose sporty style, but pair them up with some classy pieces.

Wide-leg Pants

Wide-legs are back in style and this is really great, because wide-legs make great and cozy outfit which looks overly elegant. The trends suggest wide-legs especially in white or beige shades which make them perfect for work, for strolls and also for parties!

Tips: Only buy wide-legs if you can confidently walk in platforms.

In the photos below you will find some of the best dresses collection such as ( Silk Dress from H&M Conscious Exclusive 2019), Libbylondon, Ghost, JD Williams, Monsoon, and striped tops and more! also if you’re looking for the latest fashion trends in accessories you can check this list:

  • Picchiotti collection luxury Italian jewellery
  • Gucci’s Le Marché des Merveilles fine jewellery collection
  • Luxury pearl jewellery Yoko London
  • Messika’s 2019 High Jewellery collection
  • Chopard

This are some of the key trends that will all help you in having an especially trendy spring time with garments that are bound to work perfectly also during the summer. Start your hunting today and decide which of the new trends suit your personal style and taste.