Winter Wedding Shoes

Winter Wedding Shoes

Shoes For The Bridal
When thinking about what shoes to wear with your wedding dress you need to think about what the weather will be like and where you will need to be walking. No matter which shoes you choose to wear in the church or wedding hall and the reception hall, you should have another pair of sturdier shoes to wear during transportation because you may need to walk on slippery, snowy, or wet ground and you may be climbing in and out of a limo, sleigh, carriage, or other awkward situation in a very large dress. Investing in a pair of color coordinated flat heeled boots that are warm and have a good walking sole to wear when you are outside is a very good idea.


Picking the right shoe will depend a lot on the type of dress you choose and the theme of the wedding. If you have chosen a vintage wedding or are wearing a vintage style dress, then choose a button up or zip up pair of ankle high Victorian shoes or boots. These will go perfectly with the dress and will be warm enough to protect your feet from any cold or damp weather. Ankle high white or ivory lace boots with a side zipper would also work with a romantic dress made from layers of gauzy material or a dress that is heavily embroidered. Some companies also have a basic stack heeled satin ankle boot with a hidden zipper that can go with any dress style and can be dyed, so if you are wearing a red dress or a blue dress the boot can be dyed to match your dress.

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