What We Should Note That When Making Manicure?

Well-groomed and beautiful hands, nails made of having a path through the cuticle. Here, you need to know for the most beautiful manicure …

Manicure how to prepare his hands? How to take care to do a manicure before? Nail how meat is cut? How  nails? Do nails round, blunt  Have? How to French Manicure? How to French Manicure nails need to be? How hands after a manicure maintenance should be done? Here the secrets of the perfect manicure

How to prepare your hands manicure?

With sterilized instruments for manicure no need to use a clean towel down untouched. Hygiene of the most important part of the manicure. Hand, soap pellets containing a specially crafted for a manicure in the water about 30 degrees softer waiting. Hands-five minutes to soften, but this time is longer than for the feet. Manicure nail the bottom-up process is first started. Prolonged, separation of nail manicure ready meat is provided. Therefore, a ready-prepared and cut the meat becomes softer. 
Nail how meat is cut?
As far as possible not to stop cuticles too deep. Scattered areas of the meat, rather than months at a time in the form of lingering around the nail must be removed. This process is too sterile to be used in a pair of scissors. cuticles to a specialist is a good idea. Otherwise, your nails or nail disturbing the structure may cause shipwrecks. If you do that without cutting your nails at home, it is better to just push back.

Nail  very hard blows should be avoided. Cracking and fracture occurs in the nail wrong. Consistently, to deaden the nail from the nail will begin mid. Back and forth, but the series of gentle movements, before the nail length is the desired shape, then nail the sides are correct. Nail the sides must take care not remain very sharp. This is especially the nail causes the wreck. The most important thing we need to pay attention at home nail , blows too hard to implement and not use a metal nail file. Wood rasps you to head to prevent damage..

How do I need to bump Nail rasp?

Nail to make a bump away from the need to rasp. Rasp from under the nail of the nail prevents cracking. Stubby nails being used more frequently today, but every time an oval or oval-plump chubby hands should be preferred. Stubby nails, thin, long fingers, large hands better than the quotation structure of the stops.

How do I need to make a round rasp Claw?

Starting out as different sides rather than round rasp rasps rasps made blunt. Round nails are given weight aside, some  centers. Round nail model, the length of the nail short and chubby fingers is preferred. Because the round nail, nail polish and dark all the time with the fingers longer shows it is easier to use. French Manicure of their choice, prefer to be blunt

How to French Manicure?

Moistened with alcohol, with the help from the above quotes are cleaned, dried with a towel. Prepared as a blunt-toe protective lacquer is applied first. Then dark nail polish, matte white (also available in pale pink matte abroad) single stroke of the brush tip of the nail is driven.  never have to clean the edges dry. Matte nail polish, nail tips  then a pale white nail polish is applied to all people. After the second or third coat of nail polish all the hand can also be used.

Then how to apply a maintenance manicure?

Nail meat hands after cleaning and maintenance should be done . Towel so that the nail is driven, and sludge removal is guaranteed. Then the surface of the peeling is done manually. Especially during the dry winter skin peeling is very important for the revival and renewal. After exfoliating manicure to clean water by hand peeling material. Then I passed the stage of hydration. Moisturizing invigorating and relaxing hand massage is applied during the hand. Then to drive the nail with alcohol to clean the tops.

  Here are your hands now …

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