Wedding Dresses 2011

Wedding Dresses 2011
Wedding Gown Trends 2011
The trends of wedding dresses must be a big concern for 2011 brides. Even it seems a long way to go, bridal house is striving to create beautiful styles that the brides next year will be all coveting. Here let’ s take a sneak peek into the trends for sweetheart wedding dresses 2011.
Instead of ruffles to add volume and femininity to the gowns, 2011 trends for wedding dress styles are seen with scattered chic embellishments like many dimensional details, lots of hand stitched crystals and large floral appliques.
The sweetheart styling wedding dress is viewed to fly a romantic flavor to the fullest. To be fashionable bride in 2011, look for gowns with hundreds of tiny three dimensional decorations! Oversized clusters of flower “corsages” are another big trend, which is primarily used to introduce a styled accent on waistlines or shoulders.

Away from too plain a look with simple lines, asymmetry is till a staple. The uneven designs are spotted stylish in the   form of asymmetrical draping on the bodice aside from the chic and lovely and sweetheart neckline. 
Ruched fitted bodice is still welcomed. And another trend is the dress style with gathered or draped bodice.A striking trend for 2011 sees Swarovski crystals embellished the entire gown, from neck to hem.


 With the romanticism evident in the upcoming bridal gowns for 2011, sparkling details are being applied more organically in clear crystal, rather than the icy sliver of mirror backed crystals or rhinestones used to create a defined pattern.


For 2010 and 2011 brides, it is a trendy idea to tie in beautifully with the Swarovski crystal bracelets. Stacks of mismatching Swarovski crystal or seed pearls and pearl bracelets are a modish finishing touch for the romantic wedding dress designs.

All in all, stunning and interesting accents are used to create gowns with dimension. A 2011 bride can opt for a bridal dress with oversized crystals or multiple sizes of palettes beautifully stacked on to challenge the trendy fashion elements in 2011.

Never overlook the dress emphasizing the romantic touch with crystals, floral appliques, paillettes, which are added to the texture to create a beautiful illusion for the bride. 


 This is the year of romance! Gowns are looking more like a fairytale this year. They are whimsical, embellished, romantic, classic, unique & dimensional! Just some varied descriptions we know! There are so many options out there!

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