Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Winter

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD UK personifies the potent and subversive originality of British fashion. Her continual exploration and reinterpretation of history, combined with a tireless individualism, has cemented her reputation as the UK’s most culturally significant fashion designer.

Her expansive body of work traces the socio-economic and cultural climate of Britain over the past four decades, and a cursory glance through her archive also highlights the paradox of her career: an ascent from teenage rebellion through luxury and decadence to global commercial success. Vivienne Westwood fashion for winter.

The new fashion trends Autumn/Winter Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection was showcased on March 4th, at the Pavilion Concord as a part of Paris Fashion Week.

You can wear anything in Vivienne Westwood part of the world. Anything goes. For the woman who is interested in fashion, she dresses to look important.

Vivienne Westwood presents winter fashion for women, organic clothes, and fair trade clothing,  This depends on taking care on what suits her; the braver she is, the easier and the more beautiful is the woman who makes the dress her own.

From the Grande Dame of British fashion in Paris fashion show, Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label collection is all about experimentation. Championing a mix-and-match attitude to dressing with expert irreverent cuts and striking structural folds, we love its asymmetric silk corset tops and dresses in punchy, embellished prints.
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