Valentino Haute Couture Winter

Famous for their fairy-tale ball gowns, house of Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Picciolo did not disappoint this year presenting a collection fit for the next generation of princesses. Held at one of Paris’ most luxurious and exclusive venues, Place Vendôme, the venue matched medieval princess theme of the collection.

The Famous fashion designer Valentino evening dresses. Dresses from Valentino Haute Couture Winter 2012. An atmosphere that will look so beautiful in the fall if you are wearing a collection of Valentino with title Haute Couture fall winter 2012 collection is amazing. Looks like you all will be enchanted with this amazing collection. Day wear with such a beautiful setting with gold and platinum. Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. This is something that real courage by blending old-fashioned concept, but it looks so beautiful and glamorous. As a collection of black cashmere coat with dress governess-y pale crepe gown that will make your appearance more attractive. And you’ll look like neon in the medieval and be polite with long sleeves, floor length gown. Chiuri and Piccioli superbly managed to change from the old into something that looks beautiful, new, and certainly not overwhelming. Elegance Valentino Haute Couture Winter 2012 Collection.

Luxe velvet dress seemed very suitable to wear in the fall and with a very multi-tonal look the same, and comes with a more rich and interesting. So you need not worry about the appearance that will make you surprised, like a parade of white, black and beige. Red dress floor will be able to make your appearance look graceful. It seems the fashion designers have managed to take the base of haute couture 2012.

Cocktail dress with a net spun crystal or petaled skirt with decoration of platinum. sterling can be an ornamental accessory to your hair. Cossack white-collared tweed jacket and long skirt that comes in elegant fashion Day wear. Panne velvet dress with a simple-braided at the neck and waist.

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