Valentine’s Day Cards 2013

Right around the corner is what will be the number one day for greetings card companies of the year: Valentines Day 2013. Millions of people all over the world will be crowded in the aisles staring at colorful little folds of pressed board looking for that one special card that can demonstrate how they feel about the one’s they love. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, is it really necessary to fork over your cash and participate in the commercialization of your affections?

The answer is no. There are numerous options for joining in on the spirit of Valentine’s Day card giving traditions while still keeping it personal. One way to give a card with a personal touch is with homemade Valentines Day cards. These are cute Valentines Day cards that you make yourself with materials you have around the house. These can be made with simply a folded piece of standard printer paper, or you can get more elaborate with construction paper or poster board. In fact cards do not even have to be made of paper. The possibilities range from hinging two planks of wood together to baking a cake with your Valentine’s greeting decorated on top. Use your imagination. With these kinds of Valentines, it’s the thought and the personal creativity that make all the difference.

How you can give unique Valentine’s Day cards 2013: Another option for a unique twist on the tradition that has been available since the advent of personal computers is printable Valentines Day cards. These can be made with special software designed for the purpose or with standard graphics programs that come with your computer. Usually these come with a variety of templates for funny Valentines Day cards, cute cards, romantic and serious cards that can all be customized with your own personal messages.

The point is that you can follow this romantic tradition without having to follow the crowd. Personal gifts and cards often mean so much more to your loved ones than something you picked up at the local drug store. Enjoy your Valentines’ Day.

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