Top Baby Names Of 2012

Right after boy or girl?, the most common question asked of parents-to-be is “What’s his/her name?” The choices for baby boy names are endless . but there are a handful that hold mass appeal, and don’t change too much year to year. Here’s a look at the top 10 baby boy names .  The ONLY annually updated baby names book including the year’s most popular names, celebrity choices and names making a comeback. Discover the right name for your new child with over 7,000 inspirational names, tips on choosing and a look at the trends for 2012. Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for your new arrival.

Most parents-to-be spend hours agonizing over what to name their babe. It’s such a big decision — the kid’s got to live with it for life, after all — so how do they decide? The choices for girl baby names are endless

Aiden (Irish, fiery) and Ella (English, beautiful fairy), continued through 2011. Aiden remained first for boys, while the girl’s name Sookie (American, unknown) usurped Ella’s position, knocking Ella to second place. Ella has a timeless, elegant flair, but it looks like readers are favoring quirkier names . baby boys names and baby girls names choose from these baby names:

Isabella Origin/meaning: Italian, “God’s oath” , Jacob Origin/meaning: Hebrew, , Kingston, son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Max, Bella, Lily, Lisa, Sarah, Sophia, Noah, Gavin, John, Mac, Kate( Kate Middelton and the royal wedding you know), Rose, Pippa, Alice (cartoon character), Evan, Mason, William, James, Jack, Dylan, Ava, Emma.

I wish you enjoy with these baby names 2012 and choose for your baby the suitable name..

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