Tips For Festive Holiday Eyes And Lips Makeup

Give your client a full-service experience in your chair this holiday— offer to freshen up her make-up.  Celebrated make-up artist Kevin Givens, international cosmetic director and company motivator for TIGI, shares his twists on the holiday trends. Holiday makeup tips:

Cat Eye

Incorporate a scaled-down version of the classic cat eye for a modern evening look— more kitten than full-sized cat—and keep the eyeliner dark. “It’s very sexy,” says Givens. Or, if the “wing” is too high-fl ying for the client, give her a modern eye by using a dark-tone

liner on top and just a hint of color on the bottom lid, or toward the inner corner of the eye. A Pout for Every Occasion.

While you might not redesign the shape of the lip for everyday wear, for a special event it’s nice to even out the lips to make them look more defined. If the bottom lip is bigger than the top, for example, Givens lines only the inside of the bottom lip and only the outside

of the top lip. If the client needs a professional power look, accentuate the points of the upper lip to form an angular bow, but round those points for a romantic dinner.

Go Nude Lip liner

Due to high demand, TIGI has brought back its Perfect Lip liner in Nude. “If you want to give the lips some attitude without a lot of color, the nude lip liner makes the lips look fuller,” Givens notes.

Skin Bling

Why not have some fun at the holidays? Givens recommends using eyelash glue to attach anything from black lace to jewels and beads. “Offer your clients your professional guidance so it doesn’t look like a school project!” he says. Prime spots for embellishment are the cheek area and just above the brow.

Tips For Festive Holiday Eyes And Lips Makeup