Tips for Corridor Decoration 2013

We all spend time thinking about how best to arrange our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, but how many of us give thought to how the corridor should look? The corridor is often the first thing people see once they’re inside the house, so it is a good idea to spend a little time blending your corridor design in with the rest of the house.

When home decorating, one of the best interior design ideas is to establish an overall look that you are going for, but then give each room its own flavor and appeal. You don’t want every room in the house to look the same. If you did, you might just as well have one big room.

Each room is its own living space, and even though we spend our time passing through it rather than staying around, the corridor is its own space as well. A popular way to give a corridor its own look is by hanging wall art to catch the eye of passers by.

Besides wall art, corridor wall decor can include family photographs, a stylish wallpaper, and fashionable calendars. Anything that can add interest to a room and catch the eye is a great design choice, especially to decorate long corridor walls that can start to seem redundant and spare as you walk along them.

Other corridor ideas include using electric candles to add unique illumination to the space, scented brooms such as cinnamon or vanilla, and metal decorations such as plates, swords, etc.

Some narrow corridor decoration ideas include using facade shelves and furniture along the wall to give a sense of depth without actually taking up space that is in short supply. Mirrors also make a great touch and can add a sense of depth to a narrow corridor.

But these suggestions – via – are just a start. You will probably think up much better ideas this year for corridor decoration 2013. Just remember to include function in your design considerations, so that your narrow spaces will be pleasant without being unmanageable. Have fun with it.

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