Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes for the Bride

Wedding shoes make an organic part of a wedding outfit no matter you are wearing them in the very same colour as the wedding dress or wearing a color composition that goes well with the color of the chosen dress. Let’s see what important points we should consider before choosing wedding shoes. Here are our Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes for the Bride.

First of all, the shoes must be in harmony with the rest of the dress. As wedding or bridal shoes usually come in either white or similar tone light pastel colors the easiest choice is to choose a white pair of shoes for your white bridal dress or act in a similar way in case you decide to wear a dress of a different color.

Be aware that white bridal shoes aren’t generally made for too much walking, especially because of their color that is very vulnerable to any kind of dirt. You should also make sure to choose a shoe depending on the exact length of the dress you will be wearing. Long bridal dresses mostly cover the shoe yet will bring up further questions whereas for mini dresses you should choose a trendier, flashier pair of shoes.

As we said above, long bridal dresses reveal further questions:

  1. How long is the dress when you try it up? Most wedding dresses, must be measured to the bride’s exact height, however if you decided to buy a pre-made dress which as such is not exactly tailored to the height then you may choose to leave it a bit longer, ensuring that the dress will be wearable with a pair of platforms, or if you would prefer to choose a cozier type of shoe, then you must consider to have the dress tailored to be a few inches shorter than the actual height. This must be done with much care, in order to avoid the dress to be shortened too much.
  2. If you are to wear a minidress, a dress with a felling then it will surely leave the shoes mostly uncovered. For these sorts of dresses we suggest brides to choose a cozy yet overly elegant platform as this will be one central part of the whole outfit.

As a result of all the upper mentioned points we suggest to choose a minidress only for those lucky ones who can walk and feel comfortable in platforms for a couple of hours. In case you feel you do not have the experience walking in platforms, then we deeply suggest you not to choose a minidress or a dress with a revealing felling but go for the long dress, which only needs a shorter and cozier pair of bridal shoes.

There are several stores which deal with the rental of bridal dresses and many of these also deal with bridal shoes, however only use those for getting inspiration on what to wear and rather buy the shoes for yourself.