Thanksgiving Guide: Decorations, Food and Activities

Every year after Halloween, thanks giving arrives at lightning speed. When he family is together and the children are young, thanksgiving gives us that feelings we use to get when we thought Santa Claus was a real person, that feelings you get when you are lost in the moment, with family, friends, frenzy and food.

Well Thanksgiving 2022 should be no different. Start of your day with family at the breakfast table, and catch a glimpse at the annual Thanksgiving Day parade while you start your day. Get in some good family fun first thing in the morning.

Thanksgiving Day is a time of the year where much emphasis is placed on food. Lunch time and dinner are the two most anticipated potions of the day.

You don’t have to be a chef Boyardee to make the best of your thanks giving meals. You can start with a simple yet deliciously scrumptious meal.

You can create a compliment of food and add some fun to the brew, make thanks giving dinner a family affair. Here are a few ideas that can make your day fun filled.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Set a joyous mood this holiday and create decorative ideas that will make your thanksgiving celebrations memorable. Include some lovely floral center pieces for you table, some love wall wreaths made from natural material and layout the dinner table in style.

Thanksgiving Food

Americans normally have roasted turkey with stuffing, sauce made from cranberry, potatoes mashed and pie of pumpkin. This holiday feast dates all the way back to November of 1621, when pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians celebrated the autumn harvest, which Americans now call thanks giving.

Fruits and Vegetables are also another main stay of the thanks giving celebration. The first people of the Americas who celebrated thanks giving took advantage of the fruits indigenous to the region such as blueberries, cranberries, plums, raspberries and others.

Fish and Shellfish is also a part of the Thanksgiving meal, which historically consisted of seafood. Nowadays, it is noticeably absent the menus of families who opt for leaner meat. Potatoes that are mashed or roasted, Irish or sweet are a crucial part of any thanks giving dinner. Also in this category is the Pumpkin Pie which is always delicious when well-seasoned.

Thanksgiving Activities

Many American families enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, a custom that has been in existence since 1948. The parade is fulfilled, featuring giant balloons marching bands and floats in the streets of New York City.

Football it another American tradition associated with football. Don’t just sit inside and watch the NFL on your television set, but thanks giving should be a day when you get out and have fun, maybe play touch football and strike up some family Thanksgiving Day outdoor fun.

The most obvious activity that most families should get into on Thanksgiving Day is of course giving thanks. Regardless of if you choose to go to church and be thankful for the small mercies of the universities toward you, or help someone who is less fortunate, you should remember the meaning of the phrase thanks giving and try putting it into action. Happy Holidays!