Diamond Engagement Rings By Sylvie Levine

Sylvie Levine one of the only women who strictly designs bridal jewelry, so she designs pieces with a uniquely female point of view. As a woman. vintage engagement rings collection. Diamonds ring for engagement in new year. Diamond engagement rings by Sylvie Levine.

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Designer engagement rings, Sylvie helping bridals to create their dream diamond rings or actually seeing one of Sylvie rings sets on their finger.

Sylvie Collection features more than 1,000 different engagement rings styles, all of which are customizable to any size or shape center stone, so you can create your own ring without breaking the bank. And with more than 170 retailers nationwide, look to find one in your area so you can try things in person.

The style of your diamond engagement ring should begin with the center stone. The diamond rings itself is the focal point of the bridal ring and the setting should enhance its shape, vibrance and luster.

This romantic engagement rings setting is symbolic of a couple’s intertwined hands and is one of designer engagement rings Sylvie signatures.

Also, fancy shapes such as cushion, emerald, marquis, pear, oval and radiant cuts are increasing in demand as women want to express their individual tastes (though you can never go wrong with a round, brilliant cut).

Another great trick is to add a cushion shaped halo to a round center stone. Fact – rounds always look bigger than their square or rectangular shaped counterparts. To save money, buy cheap engagement rings, a smaller sized round center stone and surround it with a cushion shaped halo in discount engagement rings.

You will achieve the same look ,a square shape and spend less. To enjoy the actual engagement. The post engagement is such a special time in a couple’s lives; it’s intense, magical and full of hope for the future.
It passes in a flash, so be sure to make the most of it and treasure every moment. Diamond bridal rings, diamond engagement rings Sylvie Levine collections.

The Amitie collection includes beautifully hand engraved diamond engagement rings that are sure to warm the heart.

Amour collection includes diamond engagement rings with a prong head holding the center diamond and a channel of diamonds flowing down the shank. Usually a classic look.

The Emotion Collection includes beautifully designed diamond engagement rings with dazzling baguette diamonds making this collection as unique as much as they are exquisite.

Petite collection offers Sylvie Collection rings with smaller center stones in any shape and size. Choose your vintage engagement ring from these collections.

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