Sweat Smell Herbal Remedy

Natural herbs can prevent unwanted body odor. Most of the smell of body odor fresheners to hide the sweat and moisture to reduce the friendly bacteria in the skin tries to protect. However, smell the sweat, the sweat glands in the armpits and genital areas, produced by the sweat, minerals, protein and fat spreads, will help the development of odor causing bacteria.
 soaps wash away the skin, almost all bacteria. Odor inhibitors (antiperspirants) and deodorants that are effective but may cause irritation to the bottom of the seat. Carbohydrate or corn flour to try to sweat zones. Both the powder absorbs moisture is not the main antiperspirant. Carbonate an antiseptic and Deodorizers average.


Such as bacteria, can smell food, onion, garlic, fish, leafy green foods, such as zinc-containing foods can smell. Excessive sweating, body odor can make illness as chemical imbalance., see your doctor if you suspect the disease.


This plant is a very popular anti sweat. (antiperspirant).

Sage oil, tincture and tea bags are easy. Tincture diluted with oil, except the face and sweating genital zones directly apply to the region. 
You can wash it in the drink as a tea or sweating zones.
S Pregnant women should not use tincture or tea .
Tea tree oil:

This cinnamon scented oil, Australia is a tree is achieved.

Follow the sweat to the region. Oil, an antiseptic and deodorant average dermatitis (skin burn) may result.

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