Ten Tips for Hot Summer Nails – Nail Trends 2022

Summer nails are fresh and fun. They sparkle with glitter, playful patterns and luscious sounding colors like Rosy Peach and Lime A-Go-Go.  

“I love the splashy summer looks,” says manicurist, Josie Marie. “Winter styles tend to be more subtle and neutral, but in the summer people get creative and think outside the box.”

Ideas range from sail boats and anchors, to watermelons and red, white and blue-tinged Fourth of July dazzlers. It seems there’s no end to the fresh and yes, even fruity ideas you can employ.

1. Add Ons

One of the new trends for summer of 2019 is texture. You can add tiny beads and baubles to your nails with nail glue, or you can simply place décor items on wet polish and let them dry onto the surface of your nail.

2. Graphic Texture

Layer first with a smooth base coat, then put a few stripes or dots of textured polish on top of that. Cover with color. The goal is a textured look of solid color.

3. Stuck On You

Stick on nails has come a long way in the last few years. Simply cut to fit, and then apply polish strips to clean nails. After a bit of filing and an optional topcoat of polish, you have a durable and chip resistant look that won’t come off until you want it to. 

4. Brass Knuckles Nails

Horizontal sterling silver bands, often called brass knuckles for nails, are a different look that’s sure to catch the eye.

5.  Polish Pens Nails

With a nail art pen you can get really crafty. These handy devices let you quickly apply anything from checks, to stripes and polka dots. It’s fun and easy.

6. French Twist Nails

There’s a new twist to the French manicure, instead of the traditional pink with a white stripe, try a sheer color with a tip of blue or gold, or even a horizontal stripe of contrasting color.

7. Acrylic Ombre Nails

This type of manicure employs a gradient or rainbow effect of subtle shade changes – especially Coffin Nails popular in this summer. Whether long or short Coffin nails it can be elegant with acrylic ombre nails art design.

8. Glittery Nails

All over glitter has been done before, but the latest trend in sparkles is to limit the use to just one area, say the tip of the nail, or the area nearest the cuticle

9. Mixing Colors

Sometimes the color you want just hasn’t been made yet, so make it yourself. It takes a little practice to get just the right shade, but it can be done.  Use an empty top coat bottle for storage.

10. Nail Art

This type of application takes a real artist, someone who can draw and paint and use the nail as a canvas. “I love crafting pictures or designs that the customer suggests, “says nail stylist, Marie, “people come up with ideas I would never think of. One fun trick is to use a Nude base, and then it looks like the artwork is floating on the nail.”

Summer Nails Color

In summer months you should go with yellow nails, pink nails, Blue nails and neon nails these are the most popular colors that is so lovely, beside if you are looking for the most trend shape for the nails you should go with the acrylic coffin nails and it perfect on all skin tones. Your nails say a lot about you, and ragged nails with rough cuticles send a definite message.  Even if you don’t have time for an elaborate manicure, a splash of sheer polish makes a positive difference. For those days when you can pamper your nails, there’s a world of bright and shimmery summer styles to choose from