Summer Dresses 2022

Spring is gone and as usual the world of fashion already has the eyes on the newest spring and summer trends. In our piece we would like to reflect on the latest colors and styles to go for when it comes to summer dresses 2015.

Long, short or mid-sized dresses, this summer has a couple of style rules too, when it comes to finding the trendiest summer dresses for us. Of course, finding the best suitable dress is never easy, yet this garment has hundreds of variations in order to please all body-shapes. Let’s take a look at what to wear this summer:

Flowers and Papillon

Probably the best upcoming trend for this summer is the dress featuring flowers of all sorts, size and color and you can be sure, you will be falling for them, as they represent everything great about summer season: the colorful fields, the fresh breeze of summer air and the exotic gardens of the Orient. This year’s flower motto is the bigger is better. The sophisticated fabrics will further help you wearing your flowers with grace yet lightly.

Cozy tailoring

Ladies feel lucky, as this summer’s dresses don’t go for the strict, tight and inconveniently tailored forms: this summer will be all about coziness and airy styles. The mid-length dresses will be especially popular, so say no-no to the ultra-long dresses or ultra tight minis, feel free to wear something that will make you feel real good.

Less colors:

The Eighties neon –color parade is gone, this summer will be about white, beige and pastel colors, aside from one exception which we will mention in our next chapter. The new colors on the block are currently run under the name of „candy colors” and this can give you a precise idea on what these are all about. Springs pastels will be substitutes with light blue, light shades of green, yellow and purple.


The color of spring and summer will be orange this great colour which by nature is a very energizing color that helps you to feel motivated and also heightens the mood! A color perfect to wear in garment or in form of accessories, orange will predefine this summer’s fashion.

Stripes, lines and more geometry

Dresses look especially great when they feature an attractive pattern, acting almost as a canvas for the designers to express themselves. This season you will get the chance to find some great, elegant dresses that can also help you to enhance, form or even flatten your natural body shape. Striped dresses and shirt-dresses will be especially trendy this summer.

Color Transitions

Multi-shade dresses will become trendy again and they will really help you look great! These dresses will either feature multi-color garments or can simply play with the shades of one color starting from white and transitioning into the color itself.

These are all the freshest dress trends for the summer of 2015 and you can be sure that you will find the dress you are longing for in the style most suitable to your taste.