Stylish and Simple Party Hairstyles For 2013

When there is no time to entanglement fish buns and braids. In an hour you stop a taxi in front of your house, and you have to make your hairstyle as a Hollywood star? With following quick tips on hairstyles for parties, you can get absolutely new hairstyle. We found these tips at fashion shows and the red carpet.

Crown: Guido Palau demonstrated a simple and fancy hairstyle. At the top of the head crossed two strong springs and captured them inconspicuous feathers.

Soft and shiny: It is simply perfect like Gwyneth. Divide the hair into three large springs and dry them over a large brush. Finally blow in the opposite direction only, and then drape them. Get the volume at the roots. Remember the serum for gloss.

Vintage wool: Retro looks of Emma Stone and you can easily create it yourself. Comb the hair tail and split the strands that blow dry through a small brush. Dry warp is formed around the toe and attach hair clip to the head. Let it dry and then dissolve springs. Brush lightly.

Volume: Separate the hair above the forehead (line drawn from the outer corners of your eyes, you will serve as a guide to how much hair to take). Download the remaining hair into a ponytail. Comb back the forehead and wrap rubber band around it and attach the clasp. Finally, rotate the curling iron in a ponytail to a few strands. Do not operate so smoothly and gain volume.

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