Stylish Accessories

A rare woman today does not repeat the phrase that “girl’s best friend – diamonds. Undoubtedly, the beautiful jewelry you will decorate and add charm to your appearance.

Some women do not reflect on the fact that there are rules of good taste, which dictate how to wear jewelry. The woman, Lu fingers studded rings, tightly holding a huge shopping bag with the vegetables, it looks ridiculous.

Long gloves

the most stylish “stuff” in a fashionable season autumn-winter 2010/2011 promises to be the gloves. We are not talking about ordinary gloves that cover only part of the hand, but the long and very long. This fall and winter gloves should be bright, unusual and even in something outrageous. And yet not hurt to have a lot of them – in different colors and textures, because saying “change, such as gloves” in the autumn-winter season 2010/2011 will be as relevant as ever.

How to combine Accessories

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