Most Popular Spring/Summer 2022 Jewelry Trends

One thing for sure, jewelry is always in style and its basic concept, or outlook is not as deeply affected by the current trends as accessories and bijoux. Stylish, classic pure gold, silver, platinum jewelry is the real deal, no matter what shape or form it is in real. However since the elite fashion brands have also decided to enter in competition on the jewelry market, the game rules have slightly changed. With the creation of these so-called “elite accessories” even the premiere jewelry brands have decided to renew their collections for them to be slightly more correspondent to the actual trends. In our article we would like to reflect on the new spring 2019 jewelry trends.

We know all well that all fashion trends start at two key places of the world: Paris and Milan. They depart from there and end up inspiring thousands of international designers who will then create their next collections in parallel with the latest featured trends in these two cities. Let see, how does 2019 spring fashion trends inspire the upcoming collections of the elite jewelry brands this time. In this section we will show you what’s in style and what is back in style.

Before we start up however, let us add that high profile jewelry designers mostly all walk to the sound of their own drums therefore upcoming trends to not phase haute jewelry design as much as we would think. What we feature here can rather be considered as accessory (and elite accessory) trends which do or do not affect haute jewelry designers depending on the exact brand we are talking about.

Colorful Gemstones

Colors will be hot to wear this spring also in terms of jewelry and accessories. Several jewelry designers have therefore come out featuring extremely colorful collections which remind us of beautiful tropical flowers and they look extremely well especially when worn with plain outfits.

Bracelets are back in Style

Bracelets and arm bracelets are back, mostly bringing us back to the roman times or featuring the hobo-gypsy feeling in charm bracelets. Snakes or serpents are also very inspirational to the jewelry designers this season when it comes to bracelet designs.

Knits, Locks, Rings, Intertwining forms in Medal

Necklaces with medals are overly “in” this spring/summer 2019 and the more jewelry site you visit, the more you will see the effect of this trend. Of course most brands will make the medals a composition of shape and their respective brand logo, however all is circular, intertwining or both. Large medals are out of style, we will rather see women sporting smaller medals.

Gold and Gold Alloys as Famous as Ever

One thing is for sure; gold is never out of line, never out of trends. This spring/summer we will witness the return of metallic colors in trend and now you can get the chance to harmonize there with some well chosen gold or silver jewelry.

Long Necklaces in Medals

medals look their best when they are worn on longer style necklaces so as a result of the medal-trend longer necklaces are also back in style. Let’s add, that these look great with suits and elegant shirts. They also prove to be a successful office wear.

These are some of the key trends for choosing jewelry for the spring/summer of 2019. Accessories naturally represent us with even more trendy styles too and work perfectly if we cannot afford high profile jewelry just yet.