Makeup Trends for Spring

Makeup Trends for Spring 2012. This spring brings warm, luminous faces with just a hint of colour, with either a focus on soft eyes with sheer pastel colours and well-defined brows; bronzer for a sun-kissed glow on the cheeks and eyes; or metallic and sparkling shadows in lighter shades paired with soft pink, coral shades on the lips. There will be bright, vibrant colours of course, but toned-down versions of neon shades that were hot last summer. Smoky eyes will return, paired with bronze lids. Eyes will be lined with pastel shades of green, lavender, silver and soft baby blues. For women who crave colour, Spring 2012 offers an array of pastel options. Muted pink, light blue, and soft lavender are ready to hit store shelves. Also, expect to see colours such as “eggshell” and “ivory” make a comeback. The lighter the tint, the better. Remember spring 2012 is all about subtle colour.

2012 Spring Makeup Trends – Cheeks.

Blusher is the most flattering beautifier out there. It makes anyone look ten times fresher, healthier, more awake – in fact let’s just say prettier. Placement is crucial, you need to sweep from the top of your cheekbone upwards and bring to the corner of your eyes, for that gorgeous glow. If you have pink undertones in your skin, choose a peachy blush; if your skin is more yellow based, steer towards pinks.

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends – Lips.

Coral and pinky shades return for spring, along with neutral shades that compliment skin tones. When using soft tones, go for more of a wash over the lips as opposed to solid colour. Since this spring’s top trend is the good look, a great gloss will also make your lips stand out.

Spring Makeup Trends –  Eyes.

Like delicate spring blossoms you’ll see pastel shadows, as well as metallics this spring. Don’t be afraid to experiment, these colours are actually surprisingly flattering on the skin when you stick to sheer textures. To finish the look line your eyes with eyeliner. Applying some gold on your lids will definitely make you look like a spring goddess. Get this look by applying a gold shimmery eye shadow across your lids. Line your eyes with eyeliner. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara.

Spring Makeup Trends 2012 – Nails.

Expect to see barely there nail polish and neutral nail trends for spring 2012. The upcoming season will boast pretty pastels, and delicate, feminine styles.

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