Special Winter Skin And Body Care

 With the arrival of winter, our skin, dry skin tension as the show itself. The biggest problem encountered, especially dry skin. Faces other than our feet, my knees,  our hands are my arms, especially in  prevent dry flaky lips , more importantly, we should take care to feel good in the winter skin and body care.

During the winter dry skin, massage and regains the old glow. Your hands, strong massage with hand lotion. Skin dryness, olive oil, mustard oil and almond oil and done,removed with warm massage.

During the winter, some maintenance tips to help you:

Smooth Skin

If you want to smooth your skin in winter, here is a recipe for you. Mustard oil, olive and sesame oil is mixed and is spread throughout the body. You will find that your skin is like a baby.


Hair Care
Cold winds do not neglect your hair without damaging your hair and apply special care.
In winter, dry hair, the hair most in need of care. Dry hair shampoo with women’s nutritional experts also proposed to use 1 time per week application of nourishing serum, hair blow dryer and dried as much as possible is recommended.

If the women have thin hair and hair breakage If this unnecessarily and chemical content of paint operations ı women with this type of hair is recommended to use products with natural ingredients and moisturizing properties.

Lip Care

Lips, crack build a lot more than normal winter. Protect your lips with a nice balm. your lips and you should avoid eating

Nail Care

Apply your fingernails with nail oil at certain intervals. Your nails are weak, easy to drink less water may be related to the problem kırılıyorsa. Most people are drinking or adequate amounts of water.
Dry Legs

Each must moisturizing lotion after bathing your legs should last. In winter, apply a lotion containing glycerin to keep your feet soft. In winter, take a shower with very hot water is very harmful for your skin. Leads to the destruction of the natural oils in your skin.

And Winter Sunscreen In winter, use a sunscreen of at least as important as the type. Also remember that your ears.

Your hands 
No moisture will dry out your hands for use in very harsh soaps can cause. In fact, even cause cracking. Hand soap, try using cream instead of soap structure. Use humidifiers.

Eye Contour Care
During the winter, a good eye for an eye cream to protect your environment.


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