Sexy Adult Christmas Costumes 2013-2014

Christmas are not only for kids. When Santa has retired and the kids are in bed, mummy and daddy can play in their own reindeer games. Sexy adult costumes can also be worn to a number of Christmas parties around the town. There are so many sexy Christmas costumes that allow for adult fun around the holidays. Here are a few of our suggestions for Christmas party.

Santa’s helper costumes

You don’t have to live in the North Pole, nor this it have to be the night before Christmas. Whether you have been nice or naughty you can have desirable fun with your significant other. Make Santa’s jacket into a tight fitting, strapless sweet hear neck mini skirt with the white fluff at the bottom and don’t forget the Santa hat. This can be topped off with a beat of thigh high black boots to compliment the length of the dress.

Fierce Mrs. Clause costumes

Take the cliché mini red and white fluffed sexy Santa dress and make it couture. Add a nice broad black belt with lade to accessories instead of the smaller belt. Or add a layer of fabric in the middle of the dress that is totally different such as leopard print or even stripes or checkered. Complete sexy costume with a black or white faux fur boot and a jingle bell in hand.

Sexy Elf costumes

Get a pair of thigh high horizontally stripped green and white stockings. Match these stockings with a ridiculously short green velvet strapless dress, and top it off with a green elf hat. You can wear a black belt and black ankle boots or elf shoes as the highlight color.

Sexy reindeer costumes

You can put away the traditional red and green and dress in a sexy brown trimmed faux fur mini dress. Get the reindeer antlers and all and simply accent your outfit with red or green to top it off.

Sexy Snow girl costumes

Whoever thought the concept of the snow man could be made sexy? Well this can be achieved with a simple very mini white velvet strapless dress, with a sweetheart neck and faux fur bottom edges. You can add huge bottoms black to embellish the front of the dress for dramatic effect, with a red and green scarf, mini black hat, black calve boots and fingerless gloves.

Sexy Christmas tree costumes

This Christmas, you can be a sexy tree, in the figurative sense. Get a lovely red body suit and a green short flared mini tou-tou skirt in chiffon fabric. Make sure you have a mini red hat with a missile toe. Get green and red features scarves to add some fun to the costume.