Sassy Summer Dresses 2022

Is everything in your closet looking a little tired and worn?  And worn and worn again? Then it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe, and what could be more fun than shopping for new dresses? This year’s fashions are many and varied, so no matter what you love there’s a style out there for you.  Let’s go shopping!


Maxi  – Lately there’s been a renewal of an old trend, the Maxi skirt. There are lots of reasons that the maxi keeps reappearing, but here are just a few.

  • It’s comfortable – Especially the latest versions. They come in soft, stretchy fabric that breathes and moves with your body. You can go jogging in these skirts if you want to, just remember to bring your running shoes.
  • It’s Long – That’s right, Maxi skirts reach to the floor, this means they cover a multitude of problems, such as lack of tan, varicose veins, failure to shave etc. You can look cute and pulled together even when you’re not.
  • Great Colors and Styles – With the great assortment of colors and patterns available, you can go wild. Choose a solid color top and pair it with a leopard print, zig zags, a floral or stripe. You’ll find a Maxi skirt in just about any pattern you can think of.

There are also lots of cute maxi dresses. We love them for all of the above reasons, and one more. It’s easy to take them out on the town. Add a jacket and some heels, and you’ve got a look that goes out dancing, to the opera, or on an elegant evening of romance.

Short and Sweet – You’ve got the legs why not show ’em?

  • Peppy – One fun style for this year is a short A-line dress with a flippy pleated skirt. Add a belt for an instant hourglass figure and a throw in a peppy print for fun. This particular style comes in a sleeveless sundress look, with a boat neck front and a V-back.
  • Slinky – Sheath dresses are popular this year. This body hugging, curve molding short style accentuates a fit and healthy figure. This style usually comes in comfortable, often textured, polyester blends that move with you, and wear well.
  • Cut Outs – Geometric cutouts add fun and pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary dress. Unusual cutouts at the neckline or even in the body of the dress are seen more often this year and give the wearer a youthful, spontaneous air.

Colors – We’re springing for brights this year – go all out with colors. The more the merrier, and you can even have fun mixing complimentary prints and patterns.

  • Sea greens, turquoise, peppermint pink and orange are some of the colors that keep popping up in the 2015 spring and summer styles. Colors add so much to the look of your dress, and can take it from flat to fantastic in blink of an eye.
  • Colorful accessories have the same effect. Add a bright belt or swingy purse, a pair of red shoes or some snappy jewelry and you’ve got a look that pops.

Styles – Whatever you like. As is always the case with fashion, if you wear it with ease and confidence you can pull it off. Be aware of what’s fashionable, and shop within those parameters, but don’t be a slave to designers and runway trends. As you develop you own style and make it work for you, don’t be surprised when others fall in line.