Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup-2011

Isola Bella Spring Look from Rouge Bunny Rouge Summer reflections are captured in the make-up resulting in a dreamy but vivid look.

Product highlights for the Spring/Summer season are: collection of 5 Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows SILK AETHER, and the limited edition of SELECT CROWN JEWELS including one Big Lash Mascara Pure Obsidian & one Decadent Duo Tango Argentino(available only in certain countries.)
Used products for the full look of Isola Bella:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup-2011
Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup-2011
MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation ‘Chestnut Milk
NAKED DISGUISE Glide Concealer ‘Clio’
FINE-SPUN LIGHT Luminous Skin Wand ‘Alula’
AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… Bronzing Glow Powder
‘at Neatherway Cove’
Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup-2011
SILK AETHER Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow ‘Batiste Grayling’

WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… Long-lasting Duo Eye
Shadow ‘C Major – a Minor’
EYES WIDE OPEN Brightening Liner Duo (sun reflections
on the bridge of the nose, temples, under the brow bow line
and inner corners of the eyes)
RAVEN GLAZE Lacquer Eyeliner
AMPLITUDE Big Lash Mascara ‘Pure Obsidian’

Cheeks and Lips
JOYS & DESIRES Decadent Duo ‘Tango Argentino’