Rest Easy With These Bedroom Design Ideas 2013

Nobody likes to get in a rut, so we are always looking for great new ways to spice up the environments around us. Is this is never truer than for our bedrooms, where we really want to get the most relaxation in our lives. It just so happens that 2013 is one of the best years for new bedroom ideas and bedroom designs. Here are a few bedroom decorating ideas to get your imagination working towards creating a more relaxing bedroom setting.

One of the most important aspects of how your bedroom looks is the colors you use to create the mood. Bedroom colors come in the wide range of the spectrum, but you will want to match and coordinate the elements of your bedroom sets to inspire the mood that you are going for. You don’t want flashy oranges and reds in your cool aqua design. To create harmony so that you can let go at the end of the day and relax.

You also have to consider how much room you have. Any design has to always consider the practical elements of space before getting overly crazy with the other design elements. Your bedroom first has to be serviceable before it can be fancy. Consider where your bed will go and what kind of access you need to a telephone, a television and whether your closet opens out or slides. Things like chest and wardrobes also have to be taken into account when designing your space. You want to be able to move around freely and not feel like things are blocking other things or that you are cramped.

And never neglect the all important floor. If you want to go with carpet, you have a wide selection of textures from the closely knit to something quite shaggy. Make sure your color coordinates with, but not necessarily matches, the walls and ceilings. You don’t want all one shade in a room, and you certainly don’t want slightly off variations of shades.

Finally, the one thing every woman needs in her bedroom is a quality mirror that lets her see how she’s going to look before going out into the world. Make sure you have plenty of illumination, because you don’t want to get to work or school only to find that you missed a spot on your makeup or, even worse, there’s a spot or tear on your clothes.

This year, let yourself have fun with your bedroom design. We survived the doom and gloom of all those predictions that the world will end, so celebrate with your own new lease on life. Above all, enjoy creating your own space.

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