Puma Fitness Collection-2011

The world-famous sports and lifestyle brand, PUMA, 2011 Spring-Summer Fitness collection, featuring brand showcased with a colorful campaign.
Both in sports and daily life in a landscape of comfort and style seekers an indispensable PUMA brand new fitness collection prepared for the campaign, attended by Ebru Salli shots is completed. . 2011 collection, as well as designs and technological innovations brought by the attention.
Perfect binary: Ebru Shawl and PUMA Fitness
The campaign for the new collection shooting, Ebru Shawl & Fitness collection soul did not escape the eyes of naturalness and perfect harmony of comfort themes. Color, design and material superiority, as well as restrict the movement of any body in the eye filled with PUMA Fitness products. BodyTrain shoe of the season’s most innovative and always provides dryness and comfort clothes selected shots, was the scene of colorful images.



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