Prom Hairstyles 2013: Get The Perfect Look This Year

In year 2013 you have probably set a lot of goals for yourself. Maybe you want to lose weight, try something new, or begin wearing the hottest fashion trends. Well, if your New Years Resolution was to stay trendy in both style and hair ‘do, you’ll want to keep the resolution going all year long- and this includes during prom! Make the best out of your prom this year by choosing from one of the hottest 2013 prom hairstyles.

So, what can we expect to see within the collection of 2013 prom hairstyles? As always, you will have a huge selection of long hair and short hair styles to choose from. Perhaps you fancy longer hairstyles with tons of curls? What about a half up and half down ‘do that contours to your face beautifully? Whether you’re in need of a longer ‘do with tons of curls or a shorter look perhaps in a bun or under-bun you will definitely find it in this years collection.

In deciding, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, pick a hairstyle that compliments you and your dress wonderfully. Secondly, choose a hairstyle that can easily be done with your natural hair texture. Lastly, make sure you pick a hairstyle you are comfortable with- something you’ll enjoy all night long and for years to come.

Prom Hairstyles 2013 Get The Perfect Look This Year

Find Your Perfect Prom Hairstyle 2013

Long Prom Hairstyles

Girls with longer hair in need of a sexy hairstyle to rock this year at prom have a wide selection to choose from. In choosing the right hairstyle for you, ensure that it is the perfect fit for the prom dress you’re wearing and always make sure you absolutely love the hairstyle. Of course, if you don’t think the hairstyle looks good on you than you probably aren’t going to want to look that way on one of the most important nights of your life.

The first, and most popular, options when it comes to long prom hairstyles are curls and waves. Whether you choose extremely sharp curls or a gentle wave, you can ensure your hair will look beautiful and full of volume. With curls and waves, you can either leave the hair dangling to the sides or you can try a half up, half down ‘do that is always a hit.

Another great option for girls with long hair in need of a cute look is the ponytail. Either worn on the side or in the back, it provides an elegant and sophisticated appearance you’ll love. Try the pony with or without curls to add a significant layer of funk and flare.

Short Prom Hairstyles

Short hair is cute and fun all year long; and while many people think this short hairstyle can’t be spiced up for a special occasion such as the prom, they are totally wrong! There are a ton of different cute and funky short prom hairstyles to choose from that will leave you looking elegant and beautiful for your special night.

A bob cut frames the face beautifully, and is an excellent look to sport for prom. Whether you part the bob down the side or middle, wear it straight and sleek or place a ton of curls throughout, you are sure to look fancy and elegant at the prom. This look gives off a very stylish and sophisticated look that goes very well with longer, straighter types of prom dresses. There is no doubt that you will love the way this look frames your delicate face.

If your hair is slightly longer than the classic bob cut, then you will definitely want to rock a set of short curls. Short curls are not only extremely adorable, but they give off a feminine and innocent look that is just perfect for prom night. Best of all, these short curls make an excellent addition to dresses and balances the face wonderfully.

Curly Prom Hairstyles

Curly hair is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles all year long, especially when it comes time for proms. Curls add a significant layer of beauty and femininity to any woman. Whether you decide to rock tight curls or loose and flirty locks, you can rest assured you’ll have a look that is very lovely. Curls are not only a great style for framing the delicateness of a woman’s face, but they also match a variety of prom dresses for an overall beauteous look.

One of the most popular hairstyles for prom is the half up, half down ‘do. With this look, you can enjoy the friendliness of a ponytail while still maintaining the length and bounce of lovely curls. This style option is a crowd favorite for prom goers and is seen every single year. There is no way this look will go out of style anytime soon- it is simply too cute!

Another classic style when it comes to curls and waves is the ponytail look. This allows the woman to keep her hair out of her face while still rocking an amazing look. With a ponytail, you can achieve a highly sophisticated look that is sure to dazzle the crowd. If you get called up for prom queen, you will definitely be glad you chose a ponytail with curls or waves!

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