Prom Dresses 2022

Springtime is Prom time in the United States and all the girls are aware of that, they are preparing for it and it plays a role as big as the First Ball used to do, a couple of decades earlier. A Prom dress is basically a ball gown that was used for formal and special occasion for centuries. As such Prom dress styles have a very close resemblance to the absolute gown which is the bridal gown. Let’s see how these key styles look like and when they work the best.

Let’s see what we can find and when we are checking out Prom dresses 2019.

Empire Dress

The Empire dress got its name from the ladies of the French court of the 16th century who first made this trend overly fashionable, mostly for the reason that Empire dress has a great characteristic of hiding excessive body weight. Empire dress also has a fair amount of slimming effect. Today Empire dress is also considered the ultimate pregnancy dress for women.  Empire dress can also look amazing when worn strapless.

Tips: Empire dress indeed works the best for fuller body shapes and it looks especially good when its widening form is counterbalanced by well defined shoulders. This dress should either be worn by tall women or short women with a nice set of high heels, otherwise the positives may transform to become negatives.

A-line Dress

A-line typically should have a defined waistline including the skirt part will widen yet only slightly downwards. The biggest difference between A-line and classic Princess (Ball gown) style is the width of the “skirt”.

Tips: A-line is a classic wear which is best suitable to wear for hourglass shapes. It looks great also on petite girls.

Ball gown

Ball gown is the classic Cinderella style featuring a fitting upper body part while it gets wider starting from the waistline ending up in a huge skirt.  This dress has tons of options to be decorated therefore they are the most expensive on the market.

Tips: this is a huge dress which needs lots of practice to be worn with the suitable elegance. It is also widely considered to be worn by tall or mid-sized women. Ball gowns are not suitable for petite girls, because of the devastating effect of that huge skirt.

The Mermaid

This style has been overly fashionable in the Eighties. This dress is basically a stretchy mini dress that ends at knee-length from where on, long frock is attached to it, transforming the mini to become a real gown.  This is a very extreme wear which is only for the most confident.

Tips: This dress is very revealing therefore it only should be worn by those, who have the perfect figure. Mermaid dress looks amazing when embroidered or it’s made out of a shimmery, colored fabric.

What changes in 2019?

Typically the styles or the tailoring of Prom dresses will not change, we can expect this year’s trendy colors to appear, which includes pastels, purple and shimmery embroidery or rhinestone decorations. We can also expect to see lots of flowers and of course the everlasting favorites blood-red and jet black will stay trendy as ever.

Prom Dresses 2019 will stay long however they will represent at least one cut located either on the side or in the middle. Double-cut dresses will also stay famous so watch out to wear the best suitable shoes to go perfectly with your fantastic prom dress.