Popular 2019 Hair Color Trends For Women

Natural is not in this year, nor has it been for several years now. Hair coloring used to be seen as a way of hiding your age, wanting to be someone you’re not or even rebelling against society. Nowadays even adding a tint of something completely wild and unnatural is not only fashionable, but quite commonplace. Here are a few of the top hair color trends for women in 2019.

Sun-Kissed Blonde

A popular hair color trend among starlets these days, this coloring scheme lightens with highlights graduating out from the darker roots. An extra layer of highlights along the tips and edges of your locks leaves your body of hair with a sparkling glow, especially great for the summertime.

Cinnamon Red

Another hair color trend gaining in popularity, especially among our fairer-skinned sisters is cinnamon red. Whether you want to get back to you Irish roots, or you simply want to find out that blondes do not necessarily have more fun, the rosy cinnamon red color scheme may be right for you.

Overgrown Roots

If you want to add some dimension to your long hair, or you want to look like Jennifer Lawrence, the overgrown roots style is a way to go. This coloring scheme is designed to look like bleached hair this is beginning to grow back, adding a carefree but chic flavor to your hairstyle.

Bright Colors

Not one specific style, but more and more popular these days is to bleach and then dye all or part of your hair with an unnatural color like blue or pink. Once limited to punk rockers and emo girls, even the girl next door can be seen with a flash of green, mauve or turquoise topping her natural auburn or brunette mane. And while you can get your blue highlights done in a salon, a lot of ladies are opting to do it themselves at home.

Hair Painting

Once reserved for Halloween or Mardi Gras, hair painting, also called Balayage, is a growing hair color trend for women in recent years. No longer do you have to commit to a bleaching and a hair dying, with hair painting you can spray on the pinks, pastels or even natural colors that you want and then wash it out with shampoo when the day is done (although permanent hair coloring by Balayage painting is available as well).

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