Plus Size Maxi Dresses 2014

Today we can see a lot more acceptance towards oversized people and have started to realized that oversized women have as many rights to look cool, sexy or fashionable as much as everyone else. And with this years madness for oversized butts people slowly learn that big can in fact be more beautiful. There are more and more fashion brands targeting oversized people than some years ago. Our article has the intent to show how to choose the best plus size maxi dresses 2014.

Today, you can get to find trendy plus size clothing in most department stores no matter you are looking for plus size maxi dresses for summer or for special occasions, however there are some guidelines and tricks of the trade for plus size women to keep in mind when it comes to looking good. Let’s see some of these:

Curves can look incredibly exciting when they are controlled. Maidenform is one of the biggest brands for shapewear and corsetry which helps plus size women to become extremely sexy. Shapewear helps to create a much more defined waistline, helps to create a flatter tummy and also proves to be successful when it comes to overall flattening effect, to create a desirable body contour. Before choosing a dress, make sure you buy a great quality shapewear; you will see all the difference it makes.

Maxi dresses can look really horrible on plus size when not the right patterns, color and length is chosen. If you are plus size and want to wear a maxi dress for the summer go for a maternity type of maxi dress, which can come with or without sleeves, helps to create a defined breast-line while it’s all tight from then on, leaving the rest of the body feeling comfortable without a defined waistline.

Maxi dresses go much better for taller plus sized women while they can make a short person look incredibly gawky. Therefore make sure to choose the right length for you and if you are short, always wear your maxi dresses with heels or more comfortable wedges for the summer. You won’t believe how much difference these will make to your appearance.

Always choose the right patterns for you: although plus size brands place a high importance on creating such patterns which have a flattening effect, these may not work for certain body types, hair- or skin color. Therefore make a thorough check and try lots of patterns on, to make sure you choose those which suit you in terms of flattening effect and in terms of colour.

Do not be afraid to wear maxi dresses with a defined waistline, as they can make you look really sexy and much flatter when worn with the right tailoring and with a suitable shapewear.

And last but not least: be proud of who you are and do not feel ashamed not even for a moment for being bigger than the average.

These are some of the rules to keep in mind when choosing plus size maxi dresses for you, depending on your exact body type and overall height. We hope that our article could give some handy advice for everyone who aren’t sure how to choose maxi dresses to go with their body-type.

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