Ombre Hair Color 2013

With hairstyle trends constantly changing, one may find it incredibly difficult to stay in touch with the ever changing fashion trends. That being said, what is one style that is sure to be extremely popular this year? The Ombre hair color.

What exactly is the ‘Ombre hair color’? Well, this interesting french termed hairstyle features a duo tone style. This type of combination style is mainly designed with darker, more natural hair colors near the roots of the hair while the ends showcase a bright, more vibrant and crazy color. While some of these ombre hair colors will go from a darker shade of brown to a lighter shade of brown, some of the more exciting and thrilling ombre hair color options includes blonde to bright pink, black to vibrant red, and other spunky colors of that nature.

Whether you decide to stay with a more natural combination or try out a more wild and untamed style of ombre, you are sure to stay in style by choosing this hair design option. It has been seen in a wide variety of celebrities across the nation, especially Nicki Minaj who may have been the initial starter of this fascinating hair trend.

Ombre Hair Color 2013 Lily Aldridge Ombre Hair Color 2013 Ombre Hair Color 2013 Ombre Hair Color 2013

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