Olian Maternity Clothes

Olian Maternity clothes. At first, these were difficult times, but Lili fondly remembers how she literally started cutting her first designs on the floor of her parent’s home. A lot has happened since, and today, 19 years later, Olian ranks among the top privately owned maternity fashion houses in the industry — serving well over 500 upscale boutiques and large department stores nationally and internationally. Her overriding challenge to her now team of designers, is to offer designs of the highest quality and fit, while always keeping firmly in touch with what is going on in wearable fashion circles. Olian Maternity provides every expecting mother with the basics they need and the flair they want. maternity tops – maternity bottoms – maternity dresses – maternity pants.Olian maternity fashion clothes . Olian Maternity collection..Olian Maternity clothes . Source: Olian Maternity..