Nike Mercurial – The Year’s Best Soccer Shoes

When they’re on their way to the World Cup, soccer pros have access to the best information on sports equipment and they can choose whichever shoes give them the best performance in their game. Our kids’ soccer team does not quite have that level of sports engineering information available to them, but the tried-and-true solution to that problem has always been: use what the pros use.

And this is especially true for shoes, since so much of a soccer player’s success and safety depends on having the right cleats on his or her feet. Well, there’s one soccer shoe that professionals are widely in agreement on as being one of the best in the industry. That is the Nike Mercurial Vapor.

The Nike Mercurial was launched by the athletic shoe company in 1998 and were worn during that year’s World Cup. Originally only in black, the product offering has eventually expanded to other color options.

These Nike soccer shoes quickly developed a reputation for being lighter and thinner than typical cleats, yet still provided the performance and support that pro soccer athletes required. In fact, when they were first released the Nike Mercurial cleats were the lightest soccer boot available anywhere.

One of the great things about Nike is that they have not forgotten their female athletes. Their Mercurial soccer cleats come in a line specifically for women and sport a variety of traditional and bright colors, depending on your tastes and uniform style.

Nike also offers its Mercurial Vapors in child sizes for both boys and girls. The full product line is conveniently available in the smaller sizes. If you are one of the many soccer moms looking for quality soccer cleats that give your little athlete greater performance while still protecting their feet and ankles, Nike Mercurial Vapors are an excellent choice.

Nike Mercurial 2013