Natural Nails

To get Natural Nails ,you know that lingering odor you sometimes smell in salons ,the culprit is formaldehyde, a chemical found in nail polish that binds it to the nail..

-Before applying the base coat, thoroughly clean your nail beds with warm water and a brush, then wipe with a lint free nail wipe or an acrylic brush soaked in polish remover .

-Always use a base coat and topcoat. Coeur recommends spaRitual’s true bond system, which works double time as both the base and topcoat.

-Wait about a minute between coats to allow the nail polish to   dry .”usually by the  time you’re done with one hand, the other one should be good to go.” Coeur says.

-To get the most even coverage, use long strokes, starting at the base of the cuticle and applying in a left to right motion to the edge of the nail.

-To prevent chipping , reapply a top coat every two to three days.

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