Natural Herbal Skin Cleansing Lotions

 How to prepare natural tonics?

– Linden, chamomile, sage and throw boiling water at the tail. Put a pinch of all, a rough. Cover and, 

wait for 30 minutes. 
This mixture of water also allows your skin glow, a perfect natural tonic to reduce wrinkles over time.

– By one pinch (filled with a heaping tablespoon) of sage leaves and linden flowers boil, and cool. If you delete the face and neck in the morning with the water s wrinkles is reduced over time.

– Wipe your face every morning with boiling water daisy. Then, apply moisturizing cream on your face.

With this application, increases skin elasticity over time, the appearance of wrinkles s loses.

– Chopped parsley roots and stalks 

2 cups water to boil. Morning and evening to face with this water, 
wipe the neck and hands. 
Wrinkle protects against Lara. Parsley juice is a natural losyon perfect for dry skin.

– Dandelion on leaves (2 tablespoons)

1 cup water. 
Bake for 15 minutes.
The water cooled wipe your skin with cotton. (Used for normal skin types.)

Estrogen containing plants is also very useful …

– Sage and yarrow plants contain estrogen. Take a pinch of this and boil for two plants. 

You can delete your face with water and cotton wool. 
And also if you get a bright image of a leather  menopause,
and therefore (due to lack of estrogen) to correct image damaged skin.

– Dried sage, chamomile, mint and a pinch of parsley and place in container to be provided.

Add a half cup of water and boil.
After cooling aloe vera a cup of tea into the water on the floor. (But you must buy a brand you trust aloe vera water) or rose water, 
a little extra that you are ready to  over the natural.

– Another traditional skin cleansing or stinging nettle.

2 tablespoons minced Pour a glass of water boiling on the nettle. 
 wait 15 minutes. 
Wipe your face with this water in the morning and evening. (Used for normal skin types.)

All of these natural tonic after the user must (if your skin is dry), use an oily cream. 

If your skin is oily, skin type cream, remove the skin after the application of natural lotion should last.

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