Natural Beauty with Homemade Skin care Remedies

Natural Beauty 


Homemade Skin care Remedies

All of us want skin and hair like Cleopatra, perhaps the most beautiful woman of all time. But her secret of everlasting beauty was the Dead Sea Salt. For those of us who do not have access to Dead Sea salt or other expensive beauty items. So what is the next best option for us? Homemade beauty items, these are natural (which is brilliant for skin) and cheap (exciting isn’t it!). So here are some homemade beauty recipes that will ensure you have smooth and glowing skin.

People from all age groups try and follow beauty and skin care tips very religiously. A person is supposed to be healthy if he has a healthy, soft and supple skin. Though most of us are not aware of the kind or skin we have, this information is very essential to understand the kind of products we need to use for our skin.
The following are a few tips to obtain a glowing skin:
  • Mix white of an egg with honey to prepare a face mask to apply on tanned skin.
  • You can mix honey, oatmeal and almond powder with yogurt to prepare a face mask to be applied on your skin. Apply this as a face mask and leave it on until it dries.
  • Cucumber gives your face a cooling effect and also acts as a good cleanser. Add cucumber juice to milk and apply it all over your face to cleanse it.
  • Some of us face the problem of pimples and acne due to oily skin. Apple can help you in reducing the oily nature of the skin. Cut apple into think slices and apply it all over your face to reduce the oiliness.
  • Carrot brings radiance and makes your skin glow. Apply it in the form of a paste and wash it off; your skin will begin to glow.
  • Facial hair is also a very common beauty problem. Try this to remove facial hair: Mix egg white sugar and corn flour to form a thick paste and apply it over your face. You can peel it off after it dries. Repeat it three or four times every week for best results.
  • Tomato is also helpful in bringing radiance on to your skin. Mix tomato juice with honey and apply over your face. Wash it off after it dries. Apply once every week for glowing skin.

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