Look Awesome With the Hottest Nail Polish Trends 2022

This is the year to look hot with the latest 2013 nail trends. 2013 style is putting away the conservative grandma looks of bygone yesteryear and giving us permission to let loose with splashes of color and textures that make our nails sing. Here are a few of the latest nail polish trends that will make people take notice of you in the new year.

One of the most creative uses of nail care technology has been brought to us in the form of nail gel polish. With gel you get the ability to add layers to your manicure, rather than having just flat colors lying dead on your nails. For 2013, don’t be afraid to lay it on thick, because this is the year you want to be noticed. Neon colors are very popular this year, especially in the green shades. Top brands such as Orly Nail Polish give you an assortment of flashy neon polishes in a variety of gelled textures. You will find the perfect match for going out on the town, or for the romantic evening with your significant other.

If you really want to break the mold, Essie Nail Polish brings you more colors and an intriguing texture with their sand nail polish. Their Topaz shade is one you won’t want to miss, especially if you like to incorporate a little bit of gems in your accessories. Topaz and jade both will work well with this lovely sand textured nail polish.

But you can’t go wrong with nail polish, because it is always a personal expression of how you want to present yourself. Whether you want to go wild or keep it simple, you always have a wide variety of options, such as with the outstanding line of Opi Nail Polish, one of the staples in superior nail care. Let your imagination run wild with their gel assortments as well as their more traditional nail color lines. And you can always jazz up your nails with sparkles and even really get their attention with a set of nail extensions.

Whichever route you go, remember that 2013 is the year to let yourself go and express yourself with those nails.